Chris Stevens, Principal

Chris Stevens, Principal

Jessica White, Director

Jessica White, Director

Founder Statement

“Form follows function”. This is a doctrine we live by. We believe the art in creating spaces that look beautiful lies in understanding the needs of the objective.

Founder Statement

We have a deep understanding of human needs and the response required for a successful piece of design. We do not design for design's sake; we design for a specific demographic and social experience.

Our Approach

We believe original design evokes genuine engagement with the consumer, and creating a strong design narrative is vital to articulate these concepts and ideas. Workshopped thoroughly, the creative journey is a collaborative one.

Our Approach

We live for change. We live to push boundaries and challenge expectations.  We aim to make great design commonplace.

End-to-end Service

We are a full service design studio and pride ourselves on a committed and invested approach to the entire project process.


Pre-design & Briefing

Getting under the skin.

Our engagement is often in the early feasibility and site selection phase of a project. We conduct thorough and strategic briefing workshops to truly fully capture the requirements of our clients. Ultimately, this goes on to inform the basis of the entire design process.


Planning & Concept

Form follows function.

The planning stage is crucial to fully unlock the potential of any site. From planning, we work through the concept itself, ensuring we create a strong narrative and design language so the client has a clear understanding of what we are looking to create together. With years of experience in consumer trends, this stage forms the backbone of the design thread. Here, we establish the 'why' of the project.


Design Development

Coming to life.

The development of design moves into tangible and visual schemes. Here, the client has the opportunity to see how the space will look and understand the materials and finishes. This is a great opportunity to refine and adjust to ensure the objectives of the brief have been met.


Detailed Design & Documentation

The devil is in the detail.

We pride ourselves on an extremely high level of detailing in our drawings for all of our projects. We believe this is the only way to ensure the creative intent is expressed in the final built form. As licensed building practitioners, we work with all consultants and contractors, and act as the primary consultant, obtaining all regulatory consents and requirements. Detailed and concise documentation allows for a greater degree of accountability for the project.


Onsite Delivery & Site Observations

Build it.

Being a full-service design studio sees our relationship with the client and the project run all the way through to completion. Regular project and site meetings with all key stakeholders ensures the design intent is being followed and delivered.

It also allows for consideration of creative opportunities that may arise during the constructionphase to ensure the very best result is realized for the end product.


Procurement, Install & Handover

The last 10%.

Our relationship with the project takes us all the way to the opening. With a skilled and creative team of art directors and stylists, we pride ourselves on completing that final 10% of artistic execution. We have an extensive network of suppliers and manufacturers and can provide a full procurement service - this can be tailored to suit any brief. Custom furniture design and fabrication are part of the CTRL Space way.